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Überseestadt Bremen

Breathing new life into old docklands

Over the past 15 years, the “Überseestadt” has been under development in the Hanseatic City of Bremen’s western quarter.

The Senate of Bremen approved a master plan in 2000 to restructure the old docklands to the right of the Weser. The idea was to create a new district in the area – the “Überseestadt” (the “City Beyond the Seas”).

It seamlessly joins the list of outstanding European port regeneration projects and is one of the largest urban development schemes of its kind. Bremeninvest is driving development work in the Überseestadt, measuring 1km wide by 3.5km long, and the municipality of Bremen is investing around 485 million EUR through its special budget. Organisers can also count on additional private investments worth around 1 billion EUR.

Water-based local recreation area

The (former) "Weiche Kante" - now renamed "Waller Sand" - is one of the few places where residents of Bremen's West Quarter can see the Weser at close range. In future, a landscaped sand embankment will provide flood protection and a new space for leisure and recreation along the turning basin.

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The Überseestadt through the years

The Überseestadt changes its appearance almost every day, completing its transition from the former docklands to a modern and vibrant quarter. These changes are reflected by a collage of images illustrating the same places through the years.

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Success Stories

Leisure and Tourism
22 February 2024
Sportgarten concept in the Überseestadt is a complete success

The Sportgarten (Sports garden) Überseestadt stands for exercise, sport and intercultural encounters. Hanns-Ulrich Barde, who co-founded the Sportgarten Bremen association, can still remember the beginnings on the wasteland at Winterhafen. In this interview, he talks about the development and the latest milestone: a lighting system.

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New harbour district
26 January 2024
Experience pleasure on the Überseeinsel

After the Brüning Group in summer 2023, the first floor of the former rice hall on the Kellogg site is now coming to life. Högen Eck, Zio Manu di Napoli and Bremer Braumanufaktur are joining forces to create a new dining experience.

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New harbour district
23 November 2023
Europaquartier: transport links completed

Construction work at the Konsul-Smidt-Straße/Überseetor junction has been completed. This means that the Europaquartier (formerly Schuppen 3) has been connected to the Überseetor area in terms of transport since mid-May 2023. In this interview, Hanno Fritsch, Project Manager for Building Construction/Development at WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH, explains the key facts about this construction projecte.

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