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Welcome to Überseestadt Bremen

One of Europe’s largest urban development schemes

Since the early 2000s, the former docklands in the Hanseatic City of Bremen’s western quarter have been under development to create a new "Überseestadt”. Bremeninvest has been commissioned by Bremen’s Senator for the Economy, Employment and Ports to improve infrastructure, put commercial and residential properties on the market, help companies to establish their business there and provide the various stakeholders in the Überseestadt with the support needed to fill this new district in Walle with life.

With just under 300 hectares of land, the Überseestadt in Bremen is one of Europe’s largest urban development schemes and one of its outstanding port regeneration projects. The Überseestadt has since evolved into a “world of possibilities” and is home to a wide range of service providers, offices, businesses, port services and logistics, leisure and cultural activities, and living spaces.

The Überseestadt’s location near the city centre is an important factor: It’s just under two kilometres away from Bremen Cathedral, from where you can walk along the Schlachte promenade by the river Weser. The Überseestadt can also be reached directly using public transport, the A27 and A281 motorways, and from Bremen Airport via the B6 road.

New connecting roads and other measures to improve infrastructure have created links to neighbouring areas. Over 11,500 people work there, and a new residential area has also been built over the past few years, part of which has been subsidised by the State.
The Überseestadt is vibrant and growing: Further construction projects are currently being planned and carried out, while the existing range of new and diverse restaurants, cultural attractions and leisure activities already make the Überseestadt a growing space for adventure.

Let us guide you through the different areas of this new quarter and find out the latest news, plans, offers and information about the Überseestadt in Bremen.


Urban development
Schuppen 3 to become the new EuropaQuartier

The diggers have been working away, the architects have been busy drafting their plans, and the investors are in full flow: Large parts of the “Schuppen 3” warehouse on Konsul-Smidt-Straße are already being demolished to make room for the new EuropaQuartier by 2021, representing a new milestone for the Überseestadt with a mixture of housing, offices, shops and services.

Urban development
Überseestadt to continue its positive development

The development of the Überseestadt is a real success story for Bremen. It’s quickly become a modern new quarter for investors, traders and citizens alike. Bremeninvest has been commissioned to develop and market local commercial spaces, some of which are owned by Bremeninvest itself while others are owned by third parties like the City of Bremen.

Urban development
“In 2040 the Überseeinsel will be the quarter where people will want to live and work.”

The course has been set on the south side of the Europahafen for a new urban development jewel – the Überseeinsel, the 15-hectare former Kellogg’s site. The central location close to the water within the 41-hectare Europahafen-Süd district and the historic industrial buildings form the backdrop for a model and future-oriented quarter.

Urban Development
A world of hips and wheelie tables at the Überseestadt skatepark

The Überseestadt’s skatepark was built following an extensive planning and participation process. City representatives, specialist planners and local youths all came together to work on the project.

Urban development
Green light for the “Waller Sand”: Bremen’s landscaped pair of velvet gloves

Towering majestically for 12 metres into the skies by the turning basin, the Molenturm has braved the wind and weather for over 100 years.

Urban development
Bremen’s “ZwischenZeitZentrale”: Awakening sleeping buildings

The Überseestadt is brimming with ideas to give new temporary uses to deserted buildings and spaces, turning former lorry dispatch facilities into film sets and creating the Golden City port bar.

Urban development
From 0 to 626: How the Europahafen marina has brought ships back to the Überseestadt

Since the Europahafen marina was opened in summer 2011, Jens Wirdemann has been operating and extending its pier.

Leisure and tourism
The taste of the Überseestadt: Discover international cuisine between the Weser Tower and the "Speicher XI"

There’s an outstanding variety of restaurants in Bremen’s Überseestadt. We’ll take you on a gastronomic tour through the quarter’s kitchens.

History of the Überseestadt
The Story so far...

The Überseestadt is constantly changing its image: Here is built, there is new development ... We have an aerial photograph from 2004 in addition to a recent photograph from 2016 and compared. At first not much noticed - but then all the more!

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