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Panorama von dem Areal Hafenkante - Quelle: WFB / Jonas Ginter

Land and properties

Investment opportunities

The Überseestadt has undergone dynamic growth for years. The area’s diverse uses include living and leisure, commerce and industry, portfolio properties like undeveloped plots of land, and green and open spaces. As such, there is also a broad range of investment opportunities in the Überseestadt, and the location offers investors, project developers and companies several different ways of exploiting the land.

Be a part of the Überseestadt!
Are you interested in buying land or properties in Bremen’s Überseestadt? 
Would you like to establish or expand your business here? Or are you about to set up a company and need the right location for your start-up? 

If you’re interested in setting up a foreign company here, our team at Bremeninvest is happy to advise you and can help find the right property or land for you – perhaps even in the Überseestadt itself.