Der Holzhafen in der Überseestadt Bremen- Quelle: WFB / Frank Pusch

Facts and figures

The location’s most important features at a glance

  • Total area of 300 hectares: 1 km wide and 3.5 km long
  • Close proximity to the city
  • A district in Walle
  • Development period: 1998 to 2025
  • Public investment: approx. 350 million EUR over the entire development period
  • Estimated private investment: approx 1 billion EUR
  • Number of companies when development began: approx. 300 with around 6,000 employees
  • Number of companies today: approx. 1.050 with around 16,000 employees
  • Attractive locations by the water
  • Various quarters with unique appearances
  • Optimal transport links
  • Developed and vibrant structures
  • Flexible usage

The right conditions make everything easier - especially the decision.
Welcome to the Überseestadt in Bremen!

                                                                                               Information accurate of 2018