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Aufnahme vom Schriftzug "Bremen" in der Überseestadt. - Quelle: WFB / Sharon Tönsing

Development milestones

The Überseestadt has set sail

With an expanse of just under 300 hectares, one of Europe’s largest ever urban development schemes is being carried out in Bremen’s former docklands. The Überseestadt has since developed into an interesting, vibrant and innovative quarter.

In the following section, we’ve put together some “development milestones” for you.

Water-based local recreation area

The (former) "Weiche Kante" - now renamed "Waller Sand" - is one of the few places where residents of Bremen's West Quarter can see the Weser at close range. In future, a landscaped sand embankment will provide flood protection and a new space for leisure and recreation along the turning basin.

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Success Stories

30 May 2022
Eight buildings in Überseestadt that catch the eye

High, colourful or jagged: In Überseestadt you will find buildings in many shapes and colours. We took a closer look at eight particularly striking buildings. What is it about their special architecture? And what actually happens behind the scenes?

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Art & Culture
1 April 2022
Urban art in Überseestadt

Free and outside: we present urban artworks in Überseestadt that you can discover on a leisurely stroll through the neighbourhood. These include a piece of German history, mysterious sculptures and a Bremen cult runabout.

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Local Products
1 February 2022
8 Products from the Überseestadt

Whether green kale, coffee or beer: we present products from the food industry that are produced in Überseestadt. The special thing: All products can be bought locally, in the supermarket or online.

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