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23 August 2018 -

In 2040 the Überseeinsel will be the quarter where people will want to live and work

New harbour district
Dr. Klaus Meier, Geschäftsführer der Überseeinsel GmbH
© WFB/Frank Pusch
Modell zur Quartiersentwicklung Überseeinsel
Entwurf des Berliner Büros SMAQ. © WFB/Christine Peters
Aerial photograph Überseestadt 2016
The aerial photograph shows the Überseestadt with the former Kellogg's site which is to be newly developed. © WFB / Studio B

Success Stories

30 May 2022
Eight buildings in Überseestadt that catch the eye

High, colourful or jagged: In Überseestadt you will find buildings in many shapes and colours. We took a closer look at eight particularly striking buildings. What is it about their special architecture? And what actually happens behind the scenes?

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Art & Culture
1 April 2022
Urban art in Überseestadt

Free and outside: we present urban artworks in Überseestadt that you can discover on a leisurely stroll through the neighbourhood. These include a piece of German history, mysterious sculptures and a Bremen cult runabout.

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Local Products
1 February 2022
8 Products from the Überseestadt

Whether green kale, coffee or beer: we present products from the food industry that are produced in Überseestadt. The special thing: All products can be bought locally, in the supermarket or online.

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