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31 August 2023 - Daniela Krause

Logistics specialist for coffee, cocoa and tea

New harbour district

The location in Überseestadt is of central importance to the Vollers Group. The heart of the internationally active company beats at the Speicherhof and in the neighbouring areas such as the Überseeinsel with Shed 6. A new leasehold contract is intended to provide the company with long-term investment security.

View of the Vollers Group company premises
The Vollers Group has been active in Bremen since 1932. © Vollers Group GmbH

The Vollers Group manages its entire logistics operation from the old harbour district, where so much is currently undergoing change. Bremen is the birthplace and headquarters of the company, which specialises primarily in tea, coffee and cocoa. The Vollers Group has a total of 13 locations in eight European countries with around 420 employees. "We will continue on this growth path in the future and offer customised and digitally supported logistics solutions for transport, storage and value-added services throughout Europe," says Philipp Wacker, Group Director of the Vollers Group and Managing Director of the Bremen location Berthold Vollers GmbH.

Truck fleet of the Vollers Group company
The company operates its own large fleet of vehicles. © Vollers Group GmbH

Everything revolves around port and product logistics

High-quality goods, products and raw materials, so-called commodities, are part of the Vollers Group's daily business. The portfolio of services is broadly diversified and ranges from storage and delivery, document and customs clearance, sampling, weighing, mixing and processing to land, intermodal and sea transport. With its own fleet of vehicles, numerous storage facilities, its own warehouses and value-added services for goods, products and raw materials, the Vollers Group takes care of the commodities of national and international customers on a daily basis. Digital products and software solutions expand the range of services.

View of the Vollers Group's tea warehouse
On average, around 5000 tonnes of tea are stored in Schuppen 6 (Shed 6). © Vollers Group GmbH

New concept for the utilisation of Schuppen 6 (Shed 6)

The Vollers Group, whose fortunes are controlled by a team of four directors, attaches central importance to its location in Überseestadt: "Our heart beats at the Speicherhof and in the neighbouring areas such as Überseeinsel with our Schuppen 6. Around 200 employees work from here every day for our customers and their customers. The advantages of this location include the short distances to our customers and the clear commitment from politicians to be able to develop and grow steadily in Überseestadt," emphasises Philipp Wacker.

The Bremen Senate agreed a modified utilisation concept for Schuppen 6 with the Vollers Group at the beginning of 2023. The 18,000 square metre building on the south side of the Europahafen basin is still used exclusively for processing tea. On average, around 5,000 tonnes are stored there and around every tenth cup of tea is consolidated and refined in Schuppen 6 for further processing. Two thirds of the building will remain so. According to the agreement, the remaining third will be used for catering, retail and offices, with a thematic focus on food production and manufacturing. Other spaces could be created for social, health and sports purposes, for example.

Taking a tea sample
Every corner of Schuppen 6 smells of a different type of tea. © Vollers Group GmbH

Long-term planning security

For the owner-managed company Vollers, the agreement with the City of Bremen means long-term planning security. The development of the project and the letter of intent was managed and supported by WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH, which manages the current and future leasehold contract on behalf of Bremen, on the basis of which the Vollers Group manages the site.

According to WFB, the aim is to finalise a new, long-term leasehold contract within the next few months. How quickly this can be realised depends on the further processes. According to Philipp Wacker, the feasibility study is currently being prepared, which will look at space, logistics and sustainable energy concepts, among other things. "We expect the first results by the end of 2023."

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