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Wohnen an der Hafenkante in der Überseestadt Bremen - Quelle: WFB / Jonas Ginter


Residential areas in Bremen’s Überseestadt have grown steadily over the past few years. 
The upmarket attic apartments in the area have since been joined by ample family-friendly housing. 
The first residential properties were built by the “WeserUfer” on the riverside. Many new apartments were then built following the redevelopment of "Schuppen 1", the construction of the new “Port 3” at the Europahafen and the emergence of new residential projects around the harbour’s edge. Furthermore, the “Markuskaje” initiative was the first state-subsidised housing construction project in the Überseestadt. 

The conversion of Schuppen 1, the realisation of Port 3 at the Europahafen and new residential projects in the Hafenkante area have also created many new flats in Überseestadt. For example, with the residential projects Magellan-Quartier, the Überseegärten, the flats at Waller Sand and the unique new building project for inclusive living, living and working - the "BlauHaus".
Furthermore, new flats are being built with the Hafenpassage I and II project and new living space for families is also being realised north of Hilde-Adolf-Park, in the Hafenvorstadt.

In addition, flats will be realised in the next few years as part of three other major projects: in the Europaquartier (formerly Schuppen 3), at Europahafenkopf and in the newly emerging Überseeinsel quarter on the former Kellogg site.
You can find a selection of housing providers at the bottom of this page.

If you have any further questions about the Überseestadt in Bremen, please contact our project managers Jons Abel: jons.abel@wfb-bremen.de and Dagmar Nordhausen: dagmar.nordhausen@wfb-bremen.de.

Housing providers in the Überseestadt:

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These residential projects have been realised to date

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