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Our basic press information on the Überseestadt Bremen provides information on one of the largest urban development projects in Europe and provides current figures from the district.
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Überseestadt Bremen: Breathing new life into the old docklands
From an abandoned port to a bustling “world of possibilities”: Since the early 2000s, the former docklands in Bremen’s western quarter have been under development to create a new “Überseestadt”. Bremeninvest has been commissioned by Bremen’s Senator for the Economy, Employment and Ports to improve infrastructure, successfully put commercial and residential properties on the market, help companies establish their business there and actively provide the various stakeholders in the Überseestadt with the support needed to fill this new district in Walle with life.

The Überseestadt is located exactly where great international cargo ships used to be docked, loaded and unloaded (hence its name as the “City Beyond the Seas”). By the late 1980s, however, the Europahafen and international seaport had failed to adapt to the developments in modern container shipping, leading to several vacancies around the harbour basin. The Senate of Bremen approved a master plan in 2000 to restructure the former docklands to the right of the Weser. The idea was to reclaim the area for urban living and business by creating a new district: the Überseestadt. All local developments are still based on this master plan to this day.

One of Europe’s largest urban development projects
It seamlessly joins the list of outstanding European port regeneration projects and is one of the largest urban development schemes of its kind. Bremeninvest is driving development work over the Überseestadt’s 1km x 3.5km plot of land. “We expect the Überseestadt and its infrastructure to be fully marketed by 2025”, predicts Andreas Heyer, the Chairman of the Board at Bremeninvest. This is a realistic goal considering the impressive rate of development so far: “The Überseestadt is developing really quickly with great success.
The Überseestadt’s location near the city centre is an important factor: It’s just under two kilometres away from Bremen Cathedral, and you can get there by walking along the popular “Schlachte” promenade by the river Weser. As a district in Bremen-Walle, the Überseestadt can be reached directly using public transport, the A27 and A281 motorways, and from Bremen Airport via the B6 road.

The old and the new
The Überseestadt is different from other projects of its kind in that the people of Bremen have opted against a general overhaul, deciding instead to retain the existing port industry while developing new open spaces for a wide range of uses.
The Überseestadt’s redevelopment has breathed new life into its port and logistics companies, its historical storage facilities and sheds, and Bremen’s long-established companies. Its central promenade is formed by the restructured quayside of the Europahafen. June 2011 saw the inauguration of a marina at the Europahafen with mooring facilities for both private boats and passenger ships.

New properties have been under development around the harbour basin since 2003, and they all fit in nicely among the surrounding storage facilities. Elaborate restoration work has also been carried out on several old and listed buildings. Retailers and long-standing companies have been joined in the area by young start-ups. Companies from the cultural and creative sectors have also proven to be a stroke of luck for Bremen’s city planners; they were among the first businesses to become established in the Überseestadt after believing in its potential. 

The living spaces, jobs and various other activities available in the Überseestadt accentuate its quality as a “world of possibilities”. The new quarter on the waterfront is characterised by perfect harmony between the past, present and future, the old and the new.


New harbour district
4 January 2019
Schuppen 3 to become the new EuropaQuartier

The diggers have been working away, the architects have been busy drafting their plans, and the investors are in full flow: Large parts of the “Schuppen 3” warehouse on Konsul-Smidt-Straße are already being demolished to make room for ...

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New harbour district
18 December 2018
"Überseestadt to continue its positive development"

The development of the Überseestadt is a real success story for Bremen. It’s quickly become a modern new quarter for investors, traders and citizens alike. Bremeninvest has been commissioned to develop and market local commercial spaces, some of which are owned by Bremeninvest itself while others are owned by third parties like the City of Bremen.

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New harbour district
23 August 2018
In 2040 the Überseeinsel will be the quarter where people will want to live and work

The course has been set on the south side of the Europahafen for a new urban development jewel – the Überseeinsel, the 15-hectare former Kellogg’s site. The central location close to the water within the 41-hectare Europahafen-Süd district and the historic industrial buildings form the backdrop for a model and future-oriented quarter.

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