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Das Infocenter Überseestadt im Speicher XI - Quelle: WFB / Jan Rathke

Welcome Centre: Infocenter Überseestadt

Permanent exhibition brings you closer to the Überseestadt

Welcome Centre "Infocenter Überseestadt" brings you closer to the Überseestadt

The new exhibition showing the quarter’s development has reopened in the “Speicher XI” warehouse.
The Überseestadt Welcome Centre in the “Speicher XI” warehouse has been open since 2004, providing information on developments in the Überseestadt. A lot has happened in Bremen’s newest quarter since the Welcome Centre was opened 13 years ago. Modern, interactive and ready to be experienced.

The basic concept of the permanent exhibition is to guide visitors through different rooms where they can experience the Überseestadt, its history and its development through posters, films, audio material and the urban planning model for the Überseestadt. Each room has a fictional character who tells stories about various aspects of “his or her Überseestadt”. For example, an interior designer invites you into her office and explains how the Überseestadt has blossomed into the quarter it is today.

A barista then invites you into his guest room and tells you about the various gastronomic, cultural and leisure possibilities the quarter has to offer. A family explains what life is like “overseas” from their living room. In the time travel room, visitors meet a former dockworker who reminisces about times gone by, and they can take a closer look at individual projects using the impressive Überseestadt model in the common room. What’s more, the transport room, green space and exercise room, and the harbour room are all sources of useful knowledge about the transformation of the Überseestadt from the former docklands to a vibrant quarter where people live and work.

The Überseestadt Welcome Centre is run by Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH (Bremeninvest) on behalf of Bremen’s Senator for the Economy, Employment and Ports. 

Directions and opening times

The Infocenter Überseestadt is open Tuesdays to Sundays from 11:00 to 18:00. 
Free entry!

Attention: Changed opening hours
Due to the current measures to contain the coronavirus, the Überseestadt information centre also has changed its opening hours (and adapted them to the opening hours of the harbour museum).

From 16 July 2020, opening hours will be extended:
Open Thursday to Sunday from 11:00 to 18:00 (Mon - Wed closed).

Infocenter Überseestadt

Am Speicher XI, 1 (entrance via the Harbour Museum)
28217 Bremen

Getting there by tram:
Line 3 (Waller Ring)

Getting there by bus: 
Line 20 (Speicher XI)
Line 26 (Waller Ring)

Getting there by car:
Follow the signs in the Überseestadt to “Speicher XI/Hafenmuseum”.