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Städtebauliches Modell der Überseestadt Bremen - Quelle: WFB/Jonas Ginter

Überseestadt urban planning model

Large and descriptive

Over the years, the imposing urban planning model of the Überseestadt has become a popular attraction in the Infocenter. Due to its imposing size of almost 7 x 2 metres and its attractive presentation, important aspects such as the proximity to the city centre but also the enormous area and complexity of Überseestadt can be made clear and comprehensible. Projects that have already been realised or are in the process of being realised are marked on the model with colour codes and explained with the help of a legend. The different colouring of existing buildings, planning and realisation allows the model to show developments and changes and to locate them. Directly on the model is a digital stele that presents the various projects once again with informative text and image information. For better orientation, light spots indicate the exact location of each project on the model.

On the so-called flyer and postcard wall behind the model, visitors will find several compartments for different project postcards. The card motifs also show different projects and are numbered accordingly, which can be found on the model. Through the picture and text information on the cards, these projects can be better located and identified on the model and the viewer gets a "pictorial" impression.

If the planning model should not be on site at the moment, it is in the process of being revised. Because of the diverse and sometimes rapid developments in Überseestadt, the model is regularly updated and adapted.

Städtebauliches Modell der Überseestadt
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