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Europahafen in der Überseestadt - Quelle: WFB / Ariane Bohms


Virtual tour through the Überseestadt

With an expanse of just under 300 hectares, the Überseestadt in Bremen is one of Europe’s largest urban development schemes. Our virtual tour lets you look around this exciting place at your own pace with up to one hundred 360-degree views. During the tour, you can switch to the next image by clicking on the blue arrows in the pictures or on the corresponding points of the pop-up map. The toolbar at the bottom contains general information, navigation arrows and a zoom feature that lets you move around freely in the various panoramas.
Click here for the panorma tour

Take a look around the restaurants, cafés, event venues and shops.

The logos on the map indicate the buildings where you can have a look around. Clicking on a store’s button starts a 360-degree view of the inside.
Click here for the panorama tour

Follow the developments and construction progress in the Überseestadt

The blue “home symbol” on the tour and map shows historical views of projects and initiatives. If you click on the blue “clock”, you’ll see how different projects and locations have developed since 2011.
Click here for the panorama tour

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